"All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop
our talents"
John F. Kennedy

dots, curves and lines,  symbolizes charity to the meek and poor. Traditionally, rice flour is used to
do kolam, because kolam was an artistic  way to feed the ants and insects. Today, some homes use
limestone powder to make kolams since it's easier to create clean lines with it.

The meaning of the word Kolam is beauty in the Tamil language, and we think charity is very

This is an ancient art of the Tamils and continues to this day, and is created at the threshold of each
house. It is referred to in old Tamil literature from 200 A.D.

Our first set of kids will start college in June 2009. Most of them want to go to engineering colleges.
All of them come from very poor backgrounds.

Please join us in this effort. We give 100% of the donations to the deserving poor. All
the administrative and operating costs are borne by the board members.

27 out of 28 children who took up the 10th grade public exam in Imayam School in
India, got A grades. One student got B grade average. This is the first group that took
up the public exams. Their papers went to a central location for evaluation - much like
Kolam Charitable Foundation, Inc.
A Kauai based IRS approved 501 (C) (3) charitable organization

A uniquely 100 % charity agency. No overhead, no admin. costs

Helps women and children achieve economic independence